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ALTCS Myths – Medicare

ALTCS Myth #2: Medicare will pay for my assisted living. A common misconception is that Medicare pays for assisted living. “I am not worried; I have really good health insurance.” Health insurance covers medical care by skilled professionals. If all you need is custodial care, such as getting out of

The Five Components of a Good Estate Plan

Many people believe that if they have a will, their estate planning is complete, but there is much more to a solid estate plan. A good plan should be designed to avoid probate, save on estate taxes, protect assets if you need to move into a nursing home, and appoint

Protect Your House from ALTCS/Medicaid

ALTCS Myth #1: If I move into a care facility, the State will take my house and all of my savings. Protecting their home is one of the most common concerns I hear as I meet with people or their loved ones facing a potential move into a long term

What To Do With Your Stimulus Check if You Are in a Nursing Home

As the second round of stimulus checks go out, it is important to know that nursing home (or assisted living) residents are not required to turn their checks over to their nursing home. And Medicaid (ALTCS) recipients need to spend the cash within a year if it puts them over

What is a Miller Trust?

While many people have heard of the Miller Trust, few know what they are for and what role they play in Medicaid long term care eligibility. (ALTCS in Arizona) The Miller Trust serves one very limited purpose—for Medicaid/ALTCS income eligibility. A Miller Trust is also known as an Income Only

What You Need to Know About Elder Law

To some, the concept of elder law may sound a bit ambiguous and mysterious. Judging by its name, we assume that it has everything to do with seniors and nothing to do with younger people. We’d be wrong. In fact, Elder law is the general term referring to legal advocacy

3 questions to ask yourself about your health care agent

It can be tough to think about end-of-life or emergency medical care. After all, serious illnesses or injuries are enough to make anyone shudder. Still, you may eventually become incapable of making medical decisions for yourself. If so, you likely do not want to leave what happens to you to chance.  In

Worker shortage causing concerns over elder care

Nursing homes often become the only option when your parents get older and can no longer live on their own. The idea of putting them in an Arizona nursing home, though, may fill you with dread. It is no secret that these facilities have some issues, including problems with abuse

Elder-care shortcomings may be a serious issue for some seniors

Arizona may need more than 40,000 new direct-care workers to cover the increasing need for elder-care support. As reported by the Arizona Daily Star, home-care professionals note there has been insufficient planning for the wave of seniors who are beginning to require late-in-life care. In addition to health-care providers and public agencies,

Fiduciary Selection: Choose Wisely!

Fiduciary selection is one of the most important decisions you make in your estate plan, whether through a trust, will, or powers of attorney.  A fiduciary is someone who acts on your behalf, particularly in the event of your incapacity or death.  Many people seem to give it little thought,