Elder Law/ALTCS: Helping An Aging Loved One? Unsure How They Can Afford Their Care?

Securing The Benefits And Resources Your Loved Ones Deserve

Elder Law focuses on issues that affect the aging and disabled populations. As we and our loved ones approach our golden years, we may ask questions, such as:

  • Who will help me pay my bills and handle my finances?
  • Who will make medical decisions when I cannot?
  • Who will take care of me? How can I afford it?
  • Will Medicaid take my home?
  • Is there any way to preserve my retirement savings?

Most people have no idea where to begin. As an elder law attorney, Charlotte C. Johnson takes a holistic approach toward the needs of the elderly and disabled. Through careful estate planning, or even guardianship/conservatorship (if necessary), she helps individuals establish or update their support system to assist them as their needs increase and to protect vulnerable adults from predators. Through carefully crafted financial and long term care planning, she also helps individuals to preserve their wealth and thereby achieve greater financial freedom and autonomy when they reach advanced age or disability.



A Skilled Advocate To Guide You Through The Process

There are many programs, systems and options in place to assist our aging generations, including many community resources, long term care insurance, and government programs, such as Medicaid (ALTCS) and Veterans Aid & Attendance. However, they are complex, evolving, and can be quite intimidating to navigate. What is more, there is an over-abundance of misconceptions about these programs that deprives those in need of care and services they deserve. Many believe that they must drain their life savings first in order to qualify for help—this is not necessarily true!

Attorney Charlotte C. Johnson has the expertise and experience to carefully and personally guide you, your spouse, your parents, and other loved ones through this complex web of issues, providing greater independence, security, and predictability—and, ultimately, greater peace of mind.

Benefits Planning Advocate (ALTCS (Medicaid)/VA)

As you may be aware, growing old is expensive! Without advance planning, long term care expenses can easily leave the average person and their family destitute. In most cases, they must resort to government programs, such as Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) or Veterans Aid & Attendance pension (VA), to assist with the high cost of long term care. To make matters worse, most applications for ALTCS or VA benefits are denied. Our expert guidance can help you achieve approval the first time you apply, and avoid other pitfalls that may delay the process. We can also explore options to preserve your savings and protect your property from recovery by the State, as much as possible.

Specifically we offer:

  • Medicaid (ALTCS)/VA Eligibility Counseling
  • Assist with the application process
  • Income Only Trust (aka Miller Trust)
  • Asset preservation options

Whether planning at the time of long term care need or years in advance, Ms. Johnson will help you evaluate options to achieve the best possible outcome to afford quality care for yourself or your loved ones and preserve your hard-earned savings and assets.

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