ALTCS Myths – Medicare

ALTCS Myth #2: Medicare will pay for my assisted living.

ALTCS MythsA common misconception is that Medicare pays for assisted living. “I am not worried; I have really good health insurance.” Health insurance covers medical care by skilled professionals. If all you need is custodial care, such as getting out of bed, toileting, dressing or bathing, health insurance, including Medicare plans, do not cover it. Medicaid (ALTCS in Arizona) may be the solution.

Why the Confusion?

ALTCS Myths Part of the confusion may be that Medicare Part A covers skilled nursing care, though only on a short-term basis. And, many people are under the false impression that nursing homes are the only venue where long term care takes place. A skilled nursing facility, or nursing home, is a place where a person receives therapy and skilled nursing, such as treatment of wounds or intravenous medication. One of the most common purposes of skilled nursing facilities is for patients to further rehabilitate for a short time following a hospitalization.

Also the word “Medicare” is easily confused with the word “Medicaid,” which is one alternative to pay for assisted living for those who qualify. (ALTCS in Arizona)

What Can You Do?

ALTCS MythsFor whatever the reason, the Medicare misconception causes many to miss opportunities to plan for their long term care while they have more options, such as the purchase of long term care insurance or asset protection planning. Whether you need assisted living now or to prepare for the future, our experienced attorneys can help you understand your options, including:

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Medicaid/ALTCS
  • Asset protection

So what does Medicare cover? Click here.