Worker shortage causing concerns over elder care

Nursing homes often become the only option when your parents get older and can no longer live on their own. The idea of putting them in an Arizona nursing home, though, may fill you with dread. It is no secret that these facilities have some issues, including problems with abuse and neglect. You can trace most of the problems with nursing homes back to a lack of workers.

When a nursing home is unable to fully staff, there will be problems. There are simply not enough people to handle the needs of every resident. Quartz explains that the staffing issue is only going to get worse as the number of people entering nursing homes increases, and the number of elderly people in the country will reach all-time highs over the next decade.

An aging population

The eldercare system is not ready to handle the growth it will soon see. It also is not in any shape to change or adjust. The laws and policies in place come from the 1950s, when times were much different and needs were not comparable to today.

The needs

The system needs many changes if it will be able to handle the incoming influx of elders. More training and better pay are essential to attract workers to the industry. However, funding cuts make that difficult. Finding new workers at the current pay and benefits structure is a challenge that the industry may not be able to overcome.

The solution

It is possible for the system to change, though. One way to make it work is through customizable care. This would allow seniors to stay in their homes longer by offering different levels of home care. Technology is also going to help. It can keep people independent for longer and allow for things such as monitoring from a remote location. It is also possible that technology can make jobs in nursing homes easier by providing things like lifting machines and real-time, virtual medical care.

While things may look bad for the eldercare industry, it is not as bad as it seems. There are many ideas on the horizon that can save the industry and help ensure that your parents have a great future.