Stroke Lawyer

Stroke Lawyer

What is a stroke?

A stroke is caused by a clot or vessel rupture, preventing blood flow to parts of the brain.

The effects of the stroke depend on what part of the brain was affected and the part of the body controlled by that part of the brain.  Common effects of stroke are paralysis on either or both sides of the body, speech or vision problems, behaviors, or memory loss.  Those who have had one stroke have a higher risk of additional strokes.

How can we help? 

We understand many of the needs and concerns of those afflicted with strokes and those who care for them, such as:

This was very unexpected.  Now he going to need help to coordinate all of his needs and pay his bills. But his doctor and the bank won’t talk to me!

I am overwhelmed with balancing my work life, family life, and caring for my loved one.

The rehab facility says that it is not safe for my spouse to go home. What do we do now?

How will she afford her care?  Will Medicare cover it?  Are there other benefits available?

How do I protect my home from the State?

How do I preserve my hard-earned savings from the high cost of long term care, in order to leave a legacy for my spouse and loved ones?